Meet The Balloon Diary!

Hi everybody! During my staying in France I met Anna, a lovely fashion blogger from Paris. To be more precise, Anna is an Australian girl who moved to Paris in order to pursuit her dream of living in this beautiful city. Her blog has an unique style and it comes with a beautiful and very inspiring message.  A little bit more about Anna…

I came across her blog The Balloon Diary and I found very interesting the fact that she was always carrying a pink balloon around Paris, and I couldn’t keep myself from asking how did she came up with the idea of the balloon.


When Anna was in Australia, she used to work as a wedding planner, and she just loved to use the balloons as a decoration. When she started her blog, she was already living in Paris but she didn’t speak french. So Anna had the greatest idea of all, she decided to walk around Paris with a pink balloon in order to overcome the language barriers and guess what, she succeeded!


The Balloon Diary is thought to be an inspiration for the people who have a dream, I felt like Anna was the living example of it. She moved from Australia to Paris only because she wanted to try to live there, she left her job and her family to follow her dream. And now she is living the fabulous life that she has always dreamt of. pink-balloon-the-balloon-diary

Her blog is now three months old, and besides her beautiful fashion style Anna shows Paris and she gives useful informations about the places that she visits, including places where you can eat.


A romantic detail about her personal life, not too long ago Anna got married in Paris, which is probably every girl’s dream. There is a very important picture below: her husband proposing her!




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