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    What to see in Guilin

    Guilin may not be the most famous place in China, but it attracts many tourists from all over the world, with good reasons I would say. The Li River cruise was one of the most beautiful experiences ever, I have been trying so hard to take the pictures that could make justice to this wonderful landscape, and they might give you an idea of how it is there, but being there was just incredible. Guilin is in South China, in the Guangxi region, very close to the Vietnam’s borders. So, what makes so special the Li river? First of all: the mountains. The Guilin mountains have been eroded by the…

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    What to see in Xi’an

    This time I’m showing you another beautiful Chinese city: Xi’an. It’s relatively small, there are “only” 8 millions of people living here. As usual, one post is not enough to show you what you should see of Xi’an, this city is widely known for the army of terracotta, but now in this post¬†you will see some other very important¬†¬†monuments. The first two pictures are the ones taken inside the walls of the ancient city of Xi’an. All the other pictures have been taken inside the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, you should know that in Xi’an there are two Wild Goose pagodas, you will see the other one in my next…

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