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Rock Mood

This outfit is very different from the other that I’ve been posting, but I feel great in it so I hope you like it. I’m wearing a black faux leather jacket, this type comes a little short so I’ve decided to wear a long t-shirt underneath it. This t-shirt is from Pomarance.name, an Italian brand from Florence, and the slogan is “dedicated to the rebels”. There is a special attention is given to every piece, in fact the fabric of this t-shirt is really good, it’s Italian cotton and the colors are realized with not toxic materials. The make up I’m wearing is from the Smashbox’s make up session I’ve had before taking these photos, there is something on Twitter and Facebook but I’ll be posting more about it soon.

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  1. La maglietta è bellissima!

    1. Sono contenta che ti piaccia! 🙂

  2. simple & chic

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