How to work with Alessia and Fleur d’Hiver blog

If you would like to work with Alessia and her blog, first of all, thank you for your interest. There are many creative ways you can work with Fleur d’Hiver, let’s check them out, and if you have more ideas don’t hesitate to send an email to


Based on your ideas, Alessia can write an original blog post about your brand, store or anything fashion related.  This blog is written in English and in Italian, and it’s meant for a worldwide audience. Keep in mind that, this blog is focused on Alessia’s personal experiences with brands, events, and products, and as much as we would love to work with everyone in the fashion industry, the purpose of this blog is to stay true to Alessia’s personal vision on fashion, share her first hand experiences, and we want to write about the topics that fit this blog’s ethics. 

Benefits of a blog post:

  • link building: having an article with the link to your website helps increasing the authority of your domain. 
  • reach a wider audience: the articles written on Fleur d’Hiver blog are meant to be seen by people who are interested in fashion and lifestyle.
  • SEO article: SEO (search engine optimization) helps your content to get on search engines, such as Google. Each article written on is built to appear on Google. 

Please, keep in mind that every blog post written on this blog shares the personal experiences the blogger had with a brand, and only reports events that have been personally attended by Alessia. We won’t publish your press releases from third parties under any circumstances. 


Alessia’s audience on Instagram is interesed in fashion and lifestyle. Statistics show that most of her followers, and the people who interact with her account are mainly from Italy (Rome and Milan), the UK (London) and the US. 

How we collaborate with brands on Instagram:

  • Through product gifting
  • Content creation, which includes an Instagram post that highlights your product, and Instagram Stories. 


Fleur d’Hiver blog has featured some events, such as London Fashion Week and other events in Italy. Alessia only writes about the events she personally attends and has obtained accreditation as Press for them. So press releases written from third parties won’t be published on the blog.

What you would get from inviting Alessia to your event:

  • Blog post 
  • Social Media coverage (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube)

What we don’t accept as collaborations

We reserve the right to not writing about topics that don’t fit with the interests of our audience and the ethics of this blog. These are some example of topics we don’t publish:

  • Real fur products
  • Products and article writing from unethical brands
  • Press releases  

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