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    Black Matte Nail Polish

    Hi ladies! I wanted to show you this nails style, it’s a black and mat. It’s very easy to do, you need to apply the black nail polish and when it’s dried you can apply the mat top coat from Kiko. It can also be used as a base coat, and when you apply it on the top it dries fast. It’s the style that I used with this outfit, just to give you an idea.

  • How to remove nail polish in less than one minute
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    How to remove your nail polish in less than 1 Minute!

    Hi ladies! Do you know how to remove your nail polish in less than one minute? Today I would like to show you an interesting product from Kiko, it’s the new “Nail Polish Remover, Fast & Easy“. Don’t you hate spending a lot of time removing your nail polish? Would you like to bring with you all the  necessary items for your nails, but you have always thought that there would be way too much stuff to take? Well…not anymore! This time you only need to carry this bottle with you. With this product you just need to is to put your finger in the bottle while a sponge removes the…

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    New Year’s Eve Nails

    Hello girls, here we are, it’s the last day of the year! I’m sure everyone (including me) is thrilled and busy with the preparation for this special evening of the year. So, first of all I would like to thank you in advance for checking out my blog on your busiest day of 2013, and for following and support me at all, it means a lot to me. In this post I’m sharing the nail art that I will be wearing tonight for the New Year’s Eve party. It’s a nail polish from Kiko, the base is a dark color between Purple and Blue. Then I applied the silver to…

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    Halloween Nails #2

    Hi, this is another post with some other nail art inspired to Halloween! This is an easy nail art, as I did in the other post, I helped myself with a toothpick to do the lines.  I used the orange for the base, and dark brown on the top if the nails. I made a line with a light brown sparkle in the brown part. This last nail style is embroidered inspired, so if tonight you are going to wear something retrò I think this nail style will be perfect with it.  As I did before, I used a toothpick for the black embroiers. Hopefully I gave you some ideas,…

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    Halloween Nails

    Hi everyone, Halloween has arrived! In this post I’m showing some pictures of some Halloween nails that I did with the nail polish. The first is an easy nail art, I’ve chosen the orange color for the base and then I made the cobweb with a toothpick. If you like it, you can wear a sparkling nail polish on the nail with the cobweb! This second type of nail art is inspired to the French nails, but with red tones. I mixed the red and the dark brown with a sponge for the foundation when the nail polish was still fresh. I think this nail polish style is good if…

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