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    Street style in Shanghai

    Last week I’ve visited Shanghai again, I just could’t stay away from China for too long. I’m by the Bund, the financial center of Shanghai and, besides the amazing view of the Bund on the other side of the wall, there is this beautiful wall of flowers. This wall is composed by many small vases, each one of them with flowers in it, and all together they make this incredible design. I’m wearing a casual street style, this is probably the first time that I wear the Converse in a blog outfit! I’m wearing: Sunglasses: Bvlgari Top: Omai Hollister Jeggins Aldo bag Shoes: Converse  

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    Chinese Fashion Style

    For this post I’ve tried something that I’ve had in my minds for months. I’ve truly wanted to post about Chinese fashion since the day I came back from China, so my dream post is finally live! I bought this silk shirt in Shanghai, it’s widely known that in China there is an ancient culture in the making of silk and the best quality is still produced there. From what I’ve been able to see during my trip to China, this kind of style is used during the formal occasions, in the evening and in elegant environments. These pictures have been taken two weeks ago in the Ancient via Appia in Rome,…

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    Shanghai by night

    Shanghai was the last stop of this amazing trip to China. I wanted to show you my favorite moment of this city: Shanghai by night! There are colors and lights all night on the skyscrapers. If you are brave enough, you can go up to the top of the tower in the picture below, in the Pudong quarter. The elevator works with a magnet system, and it only takes one minute to go up to the 100th floor. Below this building there is a very nice street where you can walk and you can see the Bund and its lights. I found amazing that in Shanghai there are so many…

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    South China pearl museum

    I have some news from my trip to China, after visiting the Li river on the cruise and the Cave of the Reed Flute as you saw in the previous posts, I went to the South China Pearl Museum of Guilin. China is always been one of the major producers of good quality pearls, and Guilin happens to be one of the places where pearls are made. The pearls, the dresses and of course the models were stunning, I really enjoyed this pearls runway. After the pearls show, I couldn’t keep myself from choosing a pearls necklace that it’s not so common to see in Europe, I promise that I will show…

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    On the Li River cruise

    In the previous post I have shown you the wonderful pictures of Guilin, including the Li river in the top of the list of the things to see in Guilin. This time I’m on the Li river cruise, I absolutely loved this experience, especially to see these beautiful landscape and the mountains. I found this outfit perfect for this, the weather wasn’t very warm and it was a little windy. I was wearing a black Silvian Heach tunic with an H&M striped jacket with a black ribbon designed on it, and I’ve chosen to wear jeans and boots for this experience. It was nice to be there, besides, the view was amazing!

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    What to see in Guilin

    Guilin may not be the most famous place in China, but it attracts many tourists from all over the world, with good reasons I would say. The Li River cruise was one of the most beautiful experiences ever, I have been trying so hard to take the pictures that could make justice to this wonderful landscape, and they might give you an idea of how it is there, but being there was just incredible. Guilin is in South China, in the Guangxi region, very close to the Vietnam’s borders. So, what makes so special the Li river? First of all: the mountains. The Guilin mountains have been eroded by the…

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    What to see in Xi’an (part 2)

    What to see in Xian, as I was telling you in the previous post about Xi’an, this time I’m showing the pictures of the army of terracotta and the Wild Goose Pagoda and its wonderful garden. I absolutely loved the gong, it must be hitten three times and make a wish. I’ve had the chance to go around Xi’an at night, it’s a safe city with a nice nightlife. The shops close at 23:00, at that time there were people skating, there was a beautiful atmosphere. I also went to the Tang Dinasty Theater, if you are already followers of Instagram you probably saw the pictures of the show. The…

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    Where to stay in Xi’An

    Sometimes is hard to plan a to travel to China on your own, hopefully I can give you some help with that. If you are planning to visit, I would like to suggest you a nice place where to stay in Xi’An. I’ve been at the Titan Times Hotel and I absolutely loved it, it’s a modern hotel with all the comforts!

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    Jade Shop – Xi’An Imperial Fine Arts Center

    Besides her story, Xi’An is also widely known for being an area rich of jade stone. Inside the Xi’An Imperial Fine Arts Center there are some real masterpieces of jade stone, I’ve learned that there are many different colors of jade, it’s usually known as green, but it can also be white or with some shades of green. In the shop you can find jade statues of all the sizes, and of course I couldn’t miss to share with you all these beautiful pieces, including the jade jewelry. I absolutely loved this shop, it’s a must-see if you visit Xi’An.

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    What to see in Xi’an

    This time I’m showing you another beautiful Chinese city: Xi’an. It’s relatively small, there are “only” 8 millions of people living here. As usual, one post is not enough to show you what you should see of Xi’an, this city is widely known for the army of terracotta, but now in this post you will see some other very important  monuments. The first two pictures are the ones taken inside the walls of the ancient city of Xi’an. All the other pictures have been taken inside the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, you should know that in Xi’an there are two Wild Goose pagodas, you will see the other one in my next…

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