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    Around Umbria

    [:en]I love to go around Umbria: it’s the Italian region near Latium, only one hour away from Rome. As I wrote in the past, I feel very tight to this area because I came here a lot with my family. Now I still visit this area which I believe it offers everything. It has history, architecture, landscapes and great food…do we really need anything else? I believe that the Medieval villages are the most relevant treasure of Umbria. They are all in great conditions, while they maintain their charm. What feels amazing to me, is that people actually live there. It might sound obvious, but if we think about it…

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    My morning in San Gemini

    [:en] I wanted to share with you the photos of San Gemini, a medieval town in Umbria. I was visiting this beautiful town earlier in the day before I took the pictures in the Orange Coat post. This town is very small, but it’s well known in Italy and for its water. I took some photos of the medieval streets and the main square.

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    Living Crib – Nativity Scene – Presepe Vivente

    Hi everyone!! First of all I would like to wish you all an amazing 2014! 🙂 Two days ago I visited the Living Crib in Acquasparta, a beautiful medieval town of Umbria, Italy. Every year this town organizes the Nativity Scene and many of the people living there dress up and partecipate. Everyone has a role, this year the children had roles too! 🙂 I was surprised to see that some people actually acted in some parts of the Nativity scene. It was an amazing visit, it’s incredible to walk around a town and find people making vases, a real smith, and to see the ground wheat.  I took some…

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