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    Happio Shopping CenterCentro Commerciale Happio

    Happio is the combination of the words Happy and Appio, and it’s the brand new shopping center in Rome that was opened to the public just yesterday. Happio is very easy to find, infact it’s located in Via Appia by the Metro stop “Furio Camillo”, line A, which is also Happio è una combinazione delle parole Happy e Appio, ed è il nuovo centro commerciale inaugurato ieri a Roma. Happio è facilmente raggiungibile, si trova su via Appia nei pressi della fermata della Metro “Furio Camillo”, linea A. Ovviamente sono andata a vedere i negozi all’interno del nuovo centro commerciale,

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    Visiting Villa d’Este

    [:en]This weekend I have visited Villa d’Este, in Tivoli, it’s an ancient mansion that attracts people from every part of the world. The Cardinal Ippolito D’Este commissioned Villa d’Este, and today the mansion can be considered as a treasure among the baroque architecture, it’s unique in its kind because of its structure and the great fountains. In this post I have only uploaded the pictures of my outfit, but if you are curious to see Villa d’Este you can still see the pictures on my Instagram account, I would love it if you could let me know what you think. In this post I’m wearing a casual outfit, I’m particularly…

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    [:en]I promised you the picture of Istanbul, where I spent a lovely week with my family. Visiting Istanbul is been a wonderful experience, it’s very easy to notice how multicultural it is, starting from food and architecture influences. We visited the historical monuments, the quarters less visited by the tourists, thanks to the guided tours by Discover Istanbul, and we also tried the local food. I was surprised to see so many beautiful cats in the streets, they are respected by everyone, it’s easy to see water and food for cats outside the  shops. There is the Blue Mosque in picture above. In the picture above there is the Church…

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    A walk around the center of Rome

    It’s getting colder in Rome! Winter is coming, we have been lucky enough to have some sunny days instead of the rain. Here I’m in Piazza di Pietra in Rome, it’s an important square of this city because her unique architecture. The monument behind me is Adriano’s Temple, it was built in in the 145 in honor to the Emperor Adriano and after many centuries the architect Carlo Fontana used the rests of this beautiful temple as a part of a new building. I believe this is one of the most beautiful spots of Rome. Also look at the post “A walk around the center of Rome part 2” if…

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    [:en]Weekend in Milan[:it]Weekend a Milano[:]

    [:en]Hi everyone! I came back home after a weekend in Milan, a very beautiful city. It was cold, but sunny which made it a pleasant visit. It was great to walk around this beautiful city, I had the chance to visit historical sites and go shopping! 😉       These past pictures have been taken in Pazza del Duomo. I’ve also visited the Sant’Ambrogio, a church built between the 379 and the 386. It’s one of the most ancient churches of Milan, the architectural style is Lombard Romanesque. I can only post the pictures taken from the outside of the church, but it was very beautiful in the inside…

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