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    Sfilata LabCostume

    Few days ago I was invited to see the LabCostume runway. I took some photos of the location because it was very beautiful. All the dresses were long, the style of the dresses can be described as elegant with some burlesque. There is a particular attention to the details, the dresses seemed to sparkle in the dark of the room. Few accessories have been used to give the sense of richness, such as long gloves.

  • beauty,  make up

    My Daily Makeup Routine

    Hi ladies! I would like to show you my make up daily routine and the make up style that I wear everyday. I’ve been holding on with this post, I really wanted to write it a long time ago but I wanted to be sure to find the perfect products. First of all, I apply the Smashbox primer for blemish control because I have an oily skin.

  • Outfit,  Spring

    Rock Mood

    This outfit is very different from the other that I’ve been posting, but I feel great in it so I hope you like it. I’m wearing a black faux leather jacket, this type comes a little short so I’ve decided to wear a long t-shirt underneath it. This t-shirt is from Pomarance.name, an Italian brand from Florence, and the slogan is “dedicated to the rebels”. There is a special attention is given to every piece, in fact the fabric of this t-shirt is really good, it’s Italian cotton and the colors are realized with not toxic materials. The make up I’m wearing is from the Smashbox’s make up session I’ve…

  • Outfit,  Spring

    Bonjour Printemps!

    Hi, we are finally getting some spring weather here! 🙂 I was wearing this outfit at the MasterCard’s event, and I decided to write a post about it. I think that this outfit could be fine to wear on the fist day of work, when you are not really sure about what to expect. In the complex it is a little bit formal, the H&M t-shirt’s light colors and the gold details makes it looks better than it would with some darker components. I added a tiny belt to the t-shirt, because I thought that it would match the shoes and the bag’s detail well.

  • Outfit,  Spring

    Working Girl Style

    Here I decided to post what I believe to be nice to wear at work. A blazer is always a good choice when you are looking for something to wear for work, it always looks nice and classy. Here I’m wearing Bell-bottoms trousers, which started to be in vogue by the end of the 60s and they are coming back just now! I was wearing: Blazer: Celyn B Necklace, Earrings and Ring: Details Trousers: Baduino Find it on Chicisimo!

  • red coat
    Outfit,  Winter

    J’aime le Rouge

    Spring is finally about to come! I’ve got this dark gray sweater in a boutique in Bologna, I’ve always thought that black looks good with all the shades of gray. The outfit was nice in the complex, but I wanted to give some color to it, so I’ve chosen a red coat. I know, this is not the first time I’m wearing this red coat on the blog, but I couldn’t resist in matching it with this outfit.

  • Outfit,  Winter

    Orange Coat

    Hi dear readers! Here I’m wearing an orange dress-coat, at first I thought it would be a little bit hard to match with the right clothes and accessories. So, I’ll show you my solution on how to wear an orange coat. This one is also a long coat, which makes the choices even more difficult!!! This is an orange dress coat, so I’ve decided to make everything easier by treating it just as a dress and pretend that it’s not a coat. 😉 

  • How to remove nail polish in less than one minute
    beauty,  nails

    How to remove your nail polish in less than 1 Minute!

    Hi ladies! Do you know how to remove your nail polish in less than one minute? Today I would like to show you an interesting product from Kiko, it’s the new “Nail Polish Remover, Fast & Easy“. Don’t you hate spending a lot of time removing your nail polish? Would you like to bring with you all the  necessary items for your nails, but you have always thought that there would be way too much stuff to take? Well…not anymore! This time you only need to carry this bottle with you. With this product you just need to is to put your finger in the bottle while a sponge removes the…

  • Outfit,  Winter

    Casual Outfit for the Winter

    Hi everyone! I’m sorry it took a while to post a new outfit, but the weather is been so unpredictable these days and it makes it hard to plan a good shooting. But I made it in the end, so I hope you will like it! 😉 This is a casual winter outfit, I’m wearing a light purple coat from Silvian Heach that I bought during the winter sales for a low price, so hurry up if you like it! 😉 I’ve decided to wear this cheetah scarf to break the light color of the coat. I was wearing: Coat: Silvian Heach Guess bag H&M Leggins Scarf: Oviesse Shoes: Prima Donna

  • Fall,  Outfit

    Gold Blazer

    The first time I saw this blazer in the shop, I thought that it was a  very nice blazer but maybe it was meant to be wore by older ladies. I’ve decided to give it a shot and I was surprised by how my first impression was wrong about it. This blazer looks a little eccentric from the colors to the fantasies, for this reason I choose to wear it with jeans and a black t-shirt, to give it a more casual tone. I’ve chosen to wear this beige colored shoes to match them with the pochette, but a pair of black shoes would have worked perfectly as well! I…

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