Red Lips for Valentine’s Day

The Lovers day is finally arriving, it doesn’t really matter if you are going to spend it with your special one or with your group of friends, in any case…let’s be honest, make up is way more important! Of course I’m just kidding.
I will definitely have red lips on my Valentine’s day make up, and I would like to suggest you some lipsticks that I usually wear, even for my everyday make up. In the picture there are two red lipsticks from Kiko, the one on the left and the lipstick on the right is a special edition. The red lipstick in the middle is from Smashbox, it’s also one of my favorite. If red lipstick is outside your comfort zone, you should try the red lip-gloss. I would like to suggest the lip-gloss from Victoria’s Secret, it’s long lasting and is less colored than lipsticks.



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