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Miss Dior

Hi ladies! I just got myself a beautiful present: Miss Dior! Some years ago I used to wear Miss Dior Chérie, but I finished the bottle and it’s been a while that I wanted to go back to wear this amazing perfume. When I went to the shop I learned that Miss Dior Chérie is now Miss Dior. The main difference between those two fragrances is that Miss Dior has an intense essence of Patchouli, while  Miss Dior Chérie had a Citrus essence that made it more fresh than Miss Dior.

Now there is a new fragrance called “Miss Dior le Parfum”, which is a stronger version of Miss Dior. The first fragrance created by Christian Dior is the Miss Dior that we now find in the shops, and Miss Dior Chérie was created in the 2005 for the 100st anniversary of the stylist’s birth.This month Vogue Beauty came with the regular magazine Vogue, and in this I found an article about this amazing perfume. Christian Dior got the idea of the name “Miss Dior” from his sister Catherine Dior. Miss Dior was created in 1947, it was the first perfume released by this successful company.


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