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Halloween Nails

Hi everyone,

Halloween has arrived! In this post I’m showing some pictures of some Halloween nails that I did with the nail polish.

The first is an easy nail art, I’ve chosen the orange color for the base and then I made the cobweb with a toothpick.



If you like it, you can wear a sparkling nail polish on the nail with the cobweb!


This second type of nail art is inspired to the French nails, but with red tones. I mixed the red and the dark brown with a sponge for the foundation when the nail polish was still fresh. I think this nail polish style is good if you are going to dress up as which or as a vampire.



I hope you all have fun tonight!!!! 🙂

All the nail polish I used for this post are from Kiko, the colors are:

Orange 236

Red 240

Brown 226

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