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Jewelry Store Coronari – Coronari Gioielli

Pochi giorni fa è stata inaugurata la Gioielleria Coronari nei pressi di Piazza Navona, precisamente in via dei Coronari, una delle vie più conosciute del centro storico di Roma.I was impressed by the brands choices of this shop, they are all made in Italy and they are meant to satisfy clients of all the ages.

The owners are two young men, Gianmarco and Simone, which I thank very much for their kindness. Now let’s get to know them! In the shop you can find some creations thought and made by Gianmarco and Simone, like the line dedicated to the Circeo (a beautiful area by the sea), and some jewels realised with the lost-wax technique, which they have been so nice to explain to me.

The jewels are made by using the wax, then they are immersed into the liquid metal that they want to use to create the jewels, in their case gold and silver. In this way every piece is unique because the whole process doesn’t include the use of any machine.

These two talented guys have a deep knowledge of the jewellery art, especially Gianmarco, which comes from a family that has worked in their own jewels industry for generations.





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  1. Wow nice jewelries! very classy! Thanks for sharing

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