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London Fashion Week 2022
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Fashion Show Live during London Fashion Week

Fashion Show Live during London Fashion Week, was an incredible fashion show that featured some talented designers and models. The show took place in the Saint Mary Magdalene Church, in London, and it has been set up for the runway show. All these pictures have been taken by my brother, Alberto, while I was taking …

Fashion Blogger From Iceland
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Interview with Natalia – Fashion Blogger from Iceland

Interview with Natalia Natalia is a fashionista based in Iceland. In this interview, she will talk about her emerging brand and what fashion means to her.  Hello Natalia, tell us a little bit about yourself.  Hi Alessia! Thank you for inviting me, it’s a great pleasure! I’m a Polish girl living in Iceland, professionally a …

Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate

Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate?

Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate? I’ll give you a straight answer: yes, they are. How? Let’s find out… I’m going to give you, as always, my opinion based on personal experiences, so it’s nothing globally recognized. Just a little disclaimer, I’m not attacking social media, I use them and I actually have …

fashion movies on netflix

Fashion Movies on Netflix – Film sulla moda su Netflix

We all know our favorite source of movies and tv shows has plenty of choice, but what fashion lovers should watch on Netflix? The first picture is from Pinterest, the credit goes to BuzzFeed Partner. There are many movies about fashion, but I’m going to talk about the ones that I think best describe the …

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How to exfoliate your face – Come esfoliare il viso

In questo articolo vi spiego come esfoliare il viso. Ci sono diversi modi: con ingredienti naturali oppure acquistando un prodotto specifico. Entrambi sono dei metodi validi per esfoliare la pelle del viso. Perché esfoliare il viso? Le ragioni sono poche ma molto importanti. Serve a rimuovere le cellule morte. L’esfoliazione aiuta a mantenere la pelle …

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