I love your blog! And you are so classy and …

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I love your blog! And you are so classy and you seem so sweet. xoxo


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No prob! Your welcome 🙂

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Today I’m Bronde!
Well thanks but I am just being honest. haha

Today I’m Bronde!
You look so beautiful with this hair color and hairdo (I mean the slight waves; everywhere else your hair is pin-straight.) You might even look better with it than with your original hair color. You seriously look like a movie star!


Shoes Shopping
Oooh, lovely ones! I love the middle one especially.


Winter Outfit
You look gorgeous and so is the outfit you have put together. Timeless and classy, it screams to me. I think coats are very chic too, depending on the coat. But yours is. It isn’t baggy or shaggy and doesn’t have some weirdass color. lol


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