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    Summer Outfit in Marsa Matrouh

    [:en]Even though I’m already at home, I’m still posting some photos of my vacation in Marsa Matrouh, in Egypt. I already miss this place, I had so much fun there! I’m wearing a long-sleeves floral shirt, but it’s very fresh and it also protects my skin from the sun (I get burn very easily). This outfit can also be worn on the city. I was wearing : Shirt: Zara Shorts: Bershka Dolce e Gabbana Sunglasses Easy Easy Bracelets[:it]Anche se sono già tornata a casa, io continuo comunque a postare qualche foto della mia vacanza! Questo posto già mi manca, mi sono divertita tantissimo. Sto indossando una camicia dal motivo floreale…

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    Beach Outfit

    [:en]This is the second of my beach outfits that I wore during my vacation in Egypt. In these photos I’m taking a walk on the beach outside the hotel where I was staying. While the sand of the shore is almost white and the sea on the back is dark blue, which is typical of the Mediterranean coasts. The sun in Egypt is very strong, so I brought this hat from Italy. I really like to wear bright colors on the beach, I’m wearing a vest from Yamamay and a transparent bag from Silvian Heach.   I was wearing: Vest: Yamamay Bag: Silvian Heach Bracelets: Easy Easy Dolce e Gabbana…

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    Vacation Outfit

    Hi! I haven’t posted anything in a while, today I would like to share with you some pictures of my vacation outfits in Egypt. I spent a week in Marsa Matrouh, I’ve never been a huge fan of the sea but this place has one of the most beautiful beaches that I’ve ever seen (I’ve already posted some photos on my Instagram). Here I’m inside the hotel, I’m wearing some summer clothes that can also be worn in the city and not necessarily on the beach. Those pictures have been taken the first day, that’s why I’m not tan at all! I’m wearing a short blue shirt with golden details…

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