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[:en]How to spot a fake perfume[:it]Come riconoscere un profumo falso[:]

[:en]Hi everyone, I would like to write about fake perfumes. Just few days ago my boyfriend decided to surprise me by buying me my favorite perfume. He knew that I was desperately looking for  Miss Dior Chérie, which is no longer on the market. He randomly met a person who claimed to be able to …

How to remove nail polish in less than one minute
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How to remove your nail polish in less than 1 Minute!

[:en]Hi ladies! Do you know how to remove your nail polish in less than one minute? Today I would like to show you an interesting product from Kiko, it’s the new “Nail Polish Remover, Fast & Easy“. Don’t you hate spending a lot of time removing your nail polish? Would you like to bring with you …

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