Mascherine in tessuto

MASCHERE IN TESSUTO Le mascherine ormai fanno parte della nostra quotidianità, sappiamo tutti quanto sia importante indossarle. Le mascherine in tessuto lavabili sono delle alternative interessanti alle classiche maschere chirurgiche: oltre ad essere comode, aderenti, e più belle esteticamente, sono anche una soluzione ecologica che a lungo andare può salvaguardare l’ambiente. Vi presento tre designer italiane …

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One year without blogging: what happened

Alessia La Scala

[:en] One year without blogging: what happened during my absence from Fleur d’Hiver? Those of you who have been following me on Instagram probably felt like the day of my return on the blog was getting closer. I want to apologize to those who have been reading my blog, for suspending my activity without an …


Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate?

Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate

[:en]Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate? I’ll give you a straight answer: yes, they are. How? Let’s find out… I’m going to give you, as always, my opinion based on personal experiences, so it’s nothing globally recognized. Just a little disclaimer, I’m not attacking social media, I use them and I actually have …

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Collistar Eyeliner – Collistar Eyliner Tecnico

collistar eyeliner

Hi ladies, I’m back with a review of Collistar Eyeliner Tecnico. I bought it in Rome, but since Collistar is an international brand I’m sure you can find it easily at Sephora. Many girls feel like the eyeliner is too difficult to apply, so they just give up or use something else. If you are …

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