What to see in Xi’an (part 2)

As I was telling you in the previous post about Xi’an, this time I’m showing the pictures of the army of terracotta and the Wild Goose Pagoda and its wonderful garden. I absolutely loved the gong, it must be hitten three times and make a wish. I’ve had the chance to go around Xi’an at night, it’s a safe city with a nice nightlife, the shops close at 23:00, there were people skating, there was a beautiful atmosphere. I also went to the Tang Dinasty Theater, if you are already followers of Instagram you probably saw the pictures of the show. The Chinese theater is different from the one that we are used to attend, you can eat during the show, there are the tables, I’ve posted a picture of the theater in this gallery. As I promised, there are the pictures of  the visit of the Army of Terracotta at the end of the post, it was amazing to see it.






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