It’s been a while since I bought this shower gel and cream from Sabon, I’m finally writing about it. I came to know about Sabon last year when I’ve received a Levander shower gel as a present, and I absolutely loved it!

This line of shower gel has small pieces of rice that work like a scrub, it makes this product unique. Sabon has also scrubs, but the difference is in the components, in fact the scrub is made with salt and this shower gel has rise.

What I love the most of this Sabon shower gel is its perfume, which contains Levander, Patchouli and Vanilla, there are many products with this scent, like the body cream in the pictures. This scent is unisex and each time I take a shower I can smell it for a while. The cream of the same scent line has a Avocado oil in its components, and it absorbs quickly. It’s perfect if applied after the shower.


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