Grazie, ho appena provveduto alla correzione. …

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Grazie, ho appena provveduto alla correzione.

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Rem e Acqua di Sale
Buongiorno Daniele,
Certo, ti ho appena inviato una mail di risposta.

Greyhound Galgo
Hi Lizzy, I finally solved this problem so everyone can leave comments again! Thank you so much for letting me know, I had no idea.
Thank you for your kind message, Urkel already had this name when he arrived in Italy. We didn’t know how to pronounce his name at first, so Urkel wasn’t giving us much of attention when we called him, we figured out later how to call him with the right accent. 🙂
Thank you again Lizzy!!!

Rem e Acqua di Sale
Ciao Stefano, 18 ml dovrebbero durare un po’ più di due mesi, poi dipende dall’uso che ne farai.

Fashion Books
Thank you Helena!

Welcome 2016
Grazie Mary! 🙂

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