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Greyhound Galgo

I’m with a new friend here: he is my dad’s dog Urkel, a beautiful greyhound with an happy ending story. He was one of the greyhound galgos rescued from Spain by an organization who placed them around Europe. As soon as my dad came to know about this, he traveled to Milan where the organization had set the meeting with the future families of the rescued dogs, and my dad took Urkel with him. Don’t worry about how skinny he is, because that’s how he is supposed to stay according to the vet, I promise he isn’t starving! I think that he saw the camera for the very first time in his life, so he was curious about the fact that we were taking the photos with him. Adopting him litterally changed my dad’s life, it’s amazing how  he gained a new loyal friend by making a good action.

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9 thoughts on “Greyhound Galgo”
  1. Violette Monday December 12th, 2016 on 04:16 PM Reply

    Your dog is beautiful and you both look adorable!

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  2. yuka Monday December 12th, 2016 on 08:05 PM Reply

    aww what a sweet story! he is a beauty!


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  3. Lena Wednesday December 14th, 2016 on 05:38 AM Reply

    What a lovely dog! Greyhounds are very smart and loyal dogs. Lucky you! xo~ Lena 🙂

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  4. Maray Thursday December 15th, 2016 on 10:42 PM Reply

    Beautiful post!!! ♡ Kisses!!

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  5. Lizzy Saturday December 24th, 2016 on 06:34 AM Reply

    Looks like I can comment on your posts again. 🙂 This is such a heartwarming story, Alessia! I am so happy your dad was able to save Urkel. I’m curious about how he got his name. There was a show in the 90s here in the US called “Family Matters” and the main character was named Steve Urkel. Urkel’s name reminds of the that show. Lol!


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    • fleurdhiver Saturday December 24th, 2016 on 06:42 AM Reply

      Hi Lizzy, I finally solved this problem so everyone can leave comments again! Thank you so much for letting me know, I had no idea.
      Thank you for your kind message, Urkel already had this name when he arrived in Italy. We didn’t know how to pronounce his name at first, so Urkel wasn’t giving us much of attention when we called him, we figured out later how to call him with the right accent. 🙂
      Thank you again Lizzy!!!

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      • Lizzy Tuesday January 17th, 2017 on 06:18 PM Reply

        You are so welcome, Alessia! 🙂 I’m glad the problem is solved now. That is such a cute story about Urkel. I’m glad you figured out the right pronunciation of his name! 😉 Big hugs! XoXo!


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  6. Kate Saturday February 11th, 2017 on 07:36 PM Reply

    I loved the rescue story and I really admire your dad for it.

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  7. Ioanna Thursday February 16th, 2017 on 12:22 PM Reply

    Such a beautiful dog! You look amazing in the photos and I love your outfit!




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